Gas Cooling


Gas/Liquid Coolers reduce the temperature of the process fluid by running it through an air-cooled fin-fan heat exchanger.

Equipment features include:

  • Intrinsically safe design mitigates risks associated with open belts, sheaves and other moving parts
  • Units designed to maximize uptime and reduce total cost to customers
  • Skid mounted for rapid delivery and re-deployment
  • Self contained power source eliminates need for external power
  • Stainless cooler tubes to reduce corrosion and flaking into the gas stream
  • High performance, low noise design reduces noise level by approximately 20 decibels from industry standard designs
  • Wheel fin design on tubes offers 10-30% greater heat transfer than a conventional fin. More efficient design reduces power needs and package footprint
  • Two modular sizes allows for downsizing of coolers as production decreases

Flexible contracting models:

  • Full Turnkey Solution – Spartan will install, commission, operate, maintain, and demobilize our coolers at your site
  • Cooler Rental – If you have your own operations team, Spartan offers coolers for rent


Spartan 72-H Coolers

Spartan 84-2H Coolers