Gas Treating Services

Amine Plants

Amine treating sweetens sour gas by removing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from the gas stream.

  • Improves gas marketability
  • Eliminates penalties paid for delivering gas outside required specification
  • Reduces damage and enhances longevity of downstream equipment

Our plants are designed to reduce total cost to customers and downtime to maximize gas throughput.

  • Our plants represent decades of experience in designing, constructing and operating gas treating facilities.
  • Plants range in size from 12 GPM to 300 GPM
  • Multiple size front ends available depending upon gas composition
  • Modular, skid-mounted units for rapid installation and commissioning
  • Turnkey solution, including all upstream and downstream ancillary equipment, is available

Flexible service pricing models:

  • “All-in” monthly rate
  • Monthly rate with installation and demobilization charge
  • Flow rate based pricing

Telemetric Monitoring: Spartan constantly monitors the operation of its plant.

  • Our field staff tracks plant performance and identifies operational issues before they become a problem
  • Remote emergency shutdown capability
  • Ability to monitor customer specific data at customers option including performance and maintenance records.