VJack™ Electric Compression

Compressco is continually improving and innovating to meet the demands of the market. With the introduction of our new VJack™ compressor, Compressco fills another need while continuing to be a leader in environmentally-friendly natural gas solutions. The VJack™ is centered around the patented GasJack® technology and capable of full wellbore stream production, handling up to 50 BPD of liquids on the standard skid package.


  • No Yellow Metals. All yellow metals have been replaced with steel or aluminum for corrosion resistance
  • All seals are made of Viton materials for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Low Maintenance requirements
  • Single-stage models are capable of handling inlet pressures up to 50 PSIG
  • Single-stage maximum discharge pressure is 125 PSIG
  • Works in conjunction with Plunger Lift applications
  • Zero Engine-Driven Emissions
  • Customer connection point for venting of crankcase and gas unloader to a safe area
  • Auto Start and Stop Capability


  • Compressor Valves: Heavy Duty Disc Type
  • Skid Dimensions: 4 feet wide by 9 feet long with environmental rail and 1-inch drain connections
  • Weight: 3740 lbs
  • Operation Ancillary Equipment
  • All vessels are protected by pressure relief valves.
  • Appropriate connections are provided for use of test gauges.
  • Manual bypass valve is included for ease of starting and for compressor blowdown.

Design Specifications

  • Quincy QRNG 4125:

    • Bore and stroke: 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 4 cylinder
    • Maximum RPM 900 RPM
    • Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 125 PSIG
    • Piston displacement: 132.5 CFM @ Max RPM

Optional Accessories

  • Trailer mounted portable units
  • AutoStart™ package
  • Can supply complete fluids service as part of maintenance package


The control system is in a weatherproof enclosure, enclosure containing suction and discharge gauges, hour meter, starting lock out timer, stop/run toggle and eleven annunciators to indicate the following:

  • High/low suction pressure
  • High/low discharge pressure
  • High discharge temperature
  • High scrubber liquid level

Standard Equipment

  • A.S.M.E. Coded Pressure Vessels
  • Built-in 2” Recirculation Line
  • Oil Make-up system 15 gal Blowcase scrubber for efficient fluid handling even into vacuum
  • Control, safety and sensor, and control panel
  • Environmentally friendly skid package


Compressco’s VJack™ excels in Casing Head Gas applications on pumping oil wells. The VJack™ can be connected directly off of casing for a single well application or connected at central locations such as batteries (or satellite batteries for multiple-well applications).

The versatility of the VJack™ also makes it capable of providing “Sour Gas” Services. The VJack™ can also be configured to start and stop according to pressures with auto-start capabilities.