GasJack® Compressors

GasJack® Compressor
In today’s competitive arena, GasJack® compressors have enabled operators and owners to dramatically increase production, thereby extending the economic life and recoverable reserves of their properties late life wells. As the manufacturers of the GasJack® compressor, we provide service and support to the petroleum and natural gas industries.

Whether your needs are increasing reserve recovery on older, marginal gas wells producing from permeable formations, increasing fluid production, or used as the first stage compression on gathering systems, the GasJack® offers a profitable solution to a variety of applications.


  • Wide range of ratios (up to 18:1)
  • Suction conditions from 25” Hg to 50 PSIG
  • Discharge pressures to 450 PSIG
  • Blowcase can handle 50 BPD of fluid in standard trim, allowing liquid separation without additional wellhead equipment
  • Oversized after cooler ensures discharge temperatures to pipeline specifications
  • Proactive optimization through efficient loading to utilize horsepower for compression at maximum gas volumes
  • Auto start units available for intermittent and plunger lift applications