GasJack® Design Specs

GasJack® Show Unit2-800x900GasJack® Compressor FI Unit:

  • Bore and stroke: 4.360 in. x 3.850 in.
  • Minimum and Maximum RPM: 1100 and 2000 RPM
  • Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 100 PSIG
  • Maximum allowable suction pressure: 25 PSIG
  • Piston displacement (compressor): 215 cubic inch

 GasJack® Compressor MP Unit:

  • Bore and stroke: 4.360 in. x 3.750 in.
  • Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 450 PSIG*
  • Maximum allowable suction pressure: 50 PSIG*
  • Piston displacement (compressor): 170 cubic inch

 Optional Accessories

  • Shielded electronic ignition
  • Cold Weather protection package
  • Trailer mounted portable units
  • Auto Start package
  • Remote monitoring options
  • Hospital muffler and noise-reducing fan
  • Can supply complete fluids service as part of maintenance package


The control system is in a weatherproof enclosure, containing suction and discharge gauges, hour meter, tachometer, starting lock out timer, stop/run toggle and eleven annunciators to indicate the following:

  • High/low suction pressure
  • High/low discharge pressure
  • High discharge temperature
  • High scrubber liquid level
  • Engine manifold vacuum
  • Engine vibration
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine low lube level
  • Engine low oil viscosity
  • Engine water temperature
  • Engine over speed
  • ePumper™ Telemetry System

Standard Equipment

  • S.M.E. Coded Pressure Vessels
  • Blowcase scrubber for efficient fluid handling even into vacuum
  • Impco natural gas carburetor
  • Domestic units have an oversized dry type air cleaner
  • Cold Weather units have an approved flame arrestor air filter, catalytic heater and hospital muffler standard
  • Exhaust muffler with guard
  • Automatic oil level control with 15-gallon day tank
  • Control, safety and sensor control panel
  • Environmentally friendly skid package.