Cold Weather

Cold weather unit photo
Our fully enclosed, insulated and heated GasJack® package is fully compliant with Class 1, Division 2 electric codes (CSA and CE certified) and perfect for cold weather environments around the world. The fuel efficient unit offers metering, separation, and compression, all on one skid. The building has plenty of well-lit workspaces, allowing operation and routine maintenance to be performed inside the enclosure in relative comfort.



  • V-8 design, 460 C.I.D. Ford industrial gray iron casting – integrated patented compressor head


  • Cast iron counterweighted and dynamically balanced with five main bearings


  • Forged aluminum over steel frame balanced and fitted with four special rings which inhibit slippage or “blow by” of fluids and gas in crankcase

Compressor Valves:

  • Plate type concentric valve in which both suction and discharge functions are incorporated into one valve system

Gas Aftercooler:

  • Air cooled, three (3) row six (6) pass Air-X-Hemphill ASME coded gas cooler with direct drive nonmetallic fan. Steel header with access plugs for ease of cleaning. Maximum gas discharge temperature after cooling is 20°F above ambient.

Compression Ratios:

  • By-design, up to 20 to 1 due to efficient compressor design providing for a wide operating pressure range discharging up to 500 PSIG (3,447 kPa)

Skid Dimensions:

  • Fully enclosed, vented, CSA Class 1 Div 2 insulated and heated building 8.5 feet wide by 15.5 feet long with environmental fluid containment rail and 1” drain connections – 12,000 lbs (5443 KG)

Operation Ancillary Equipment:

  • All vessels, including the gas after-cooler, are protected by Mercer pressure relief valves. Appropriate connections are provided for the use of test gauges. Manual bypass valving is included for ease of starting and for compressor blowdown.

Compressor Design Specification:

  • GasJack® MP Unit – 48 HP
  • Bore and Stroke: 3.750 in. X 3.850 in.
  • Suction Pressure: 16” Hg vacuum to 60 PSIG (413 kPa)