Compression Services

Compression Services - Fleet 2-rt-1000x750Reliable Solutions for Your Natural Gas Compression Needs

CSI Compressco can help identify the perfect fit from our extensive fleet of gas compressors for your application. Our fleet is continuously monitored by our Satellite Based Fleet Monitoring System and is maintained by strategically positioned and highly trained Field Service Technicians.

The wide range of equipment we offer will fit applications from extremely low suction pressures like Coal Bed Methane to the high discharge pressures required for gas lift applications.

We understand that when a compressor is down you cannot meet your obligations so our fleet is kept up to date with the newest technological advancements and is kept in top condition. We supply a 24/7 response as part of our typical maintenance program. Complement this with an advanced telemetry system and your run time will be at maximum all the time.

Our entire program is structured to provide maximum run time with maintenance scheduled well in advance and technicians located where you need them.

Contact us to discuss your application with one of our professionals.