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Compressor Package ReworkAMS - After Pic

Put the CSI Compressco team of designers and engineers to work for you! Whether it is a CSI Compressco package or a package designed by others, we can make the necessary changes and refurbishments to put your equipment in peak running condition.

  • Cylinder Changes
  • Piping Changes
  • Bottle and Scrubber Changes
  • Electrical and Control Panel Changes
  • Ancillary Piping and Tubing Changes
  • Re-skid and Skid Repair
  • Cooler and Cooler Section Changes

Compressor Package Overhaul

If you have older equipment that is in serious need of an overhaul, call the CSI Compressco Product Support Team. They will inspect, clean and test every major component to ensure it is running in peak condition. Overhauling your entire package or just rebuilding some of the components is a cost effective way to revitalize your valuable asset.

  • Engine Overhaul
  • Compressor Overhaul
  • Cylinder Overhaul
  • Panels and Controls Overhaul