Vent Gas Management and Vapor Recovery

vent gas and vapor recovery

Capturing hydrocarbon vapor and processing it into a sellable product is now standard practice due to safety concerns, regulation of emissions, and the aversion to flaring, especially near residential areas.

CSI Compressco offers a vapor-recovery unit that captures production and storage-tank vapor and routes it through gas-processing equipment and into the sales line.

Vapor Recovery Features & Benefits

  • Low monthly cost instead of large capital expense
  • Additional revenue from the sale of gas rather than flaring or incineration
  • Handles gas volumes of 21-335 mcf (600–9,500 cubic meters) per day
  • Discharges up to 250 PSIG (1725 kPa) at zero static pressure
  • Skid- or trailer-mounted and self-contained for easy installation
  • Powered by natural gas, eliminating the need for a secondary fuel source
  • Enables gas recycling (measured in ounces) for longer run-times
  • Adjustable speed and volume control for optimal performance
  • Designed for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations