Electric Compression

Based on our successful GasJack® compressor package, the electric VJack compressor package fulfills the market need for an even more environmentally friendly natural-gas compressor.

Powered by an electric motor instead of a gas-fueled V8 engine, the VJack compressor excels at oil-well casing-head gas applications.

VJack Package Benefits

  • Zero engine emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Supports casing-head, plunger-lift and vapor recovery applications
  • Corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum parts – no brass alloys
  • Corrosion-resistant Viton seals

VJack Package Features

  • Quincy QRNG 4125 4-cyl. or QRNG 270 2-cyl. compressor
  • 40 HP (37.3 kW) (w/ QRNG 4125) or 20 HP (18.65 kW) (w/ QRNG 270) electric motor
  • 50-BPD (8 m3/d) blowcase (to tank)
  • 15-gal. (60 liter) oil makeup tank
  • ASME-coded pressure vessels
  • 2-in. recirculation line
  • Weatherproof control panel
  • Connections for test gauges
  • Customer connection to vent crankcase and gas unloader to a safe area
  • Manual bypass valving to ease startup and compression blowdown
  • Skid- or trailer-mounted with environmental rail and drain connections