Casing Gas

casing head gas

A common challenge with production from low-pressure formations is annulus and bottom-hole pressures that are too high, hindering flow from the reservoir into the wellbore.

The GasJack® compressor reduces annulus and bottomhole pressures, increasing flow from the reservoir. The GasJack compressor is a cost effective solution to increase rod pump efficiencies by reducing gas interference and improving pump fillage. An alternative to flaring gas to maintain low annulus pressure, this application compresses the annular gas up to the necessary pressure and into the sales line.

Benefits of Casing Pressure Reduction

  • Reduces back pressure on the formation to enhance hydrocarbon flow into the wellbore
  • Improved rod pump efficiencies through better pump fillage
  • Reduces pressure on the tubing and allows the liquid to be removed with less pumping system horsepower.
  • Allows for acceleration of rod pump speed to increase production
  • Lower operating costs by reducing pump failures from fluid pound and gas interference
  • Captures annular gas and compresses it into the sales line
  • Eliminates the wasteful practice of flaring annular gas