Artificial Lift

artificial lift

Enhance your artificial lift programs with CSI Compressco’s GasJack® compressor.

The GasJack compressor can significantly enhance production when used to complement your artificial lift programs and delivers superior efficiencies in plunger lift and rod pump applications. CSI Compressco’s unique backside auto-injection systems provide automation to further maximize your efficiencies and production enhancement.

GasJack Compressor + the Backside Auto Injection System (BAIS)

The BAIS is a pioneering GasJack compressor configuration to efficiently unload and  deliquefy wells to boost production. The system monitors well pressure and redirects gas flow into the annulus when pressure drops below critical flowrate, indicating a buildup of liquid in the wellbore. The redirected gas increases the gas/liquid ratio and lifts the liquid to the surface. The GasJack compressor’s blowcase then separates the liquid and discharges it to a tank or sales line according to customer requirements. When the well’s productive flowrate is restored, the system automatically redirects the gas back to the sales line. Additionally, the BAIS can replace conventional rod-and-pump systems that experience high maintenance costs due to parted rods, pump failure, gas lock, and other problems.

GasJack Compressor + BAIS Features & Benefits

  • Can be easily installed on a standard GasJack compressor package
  • Non-invasive, easy to install, and inexpensive to test
  • Can replace a conventional rod-and-pump system
  • Injects only enough gas into the annulus to restore productive flowrate
  • Injects up to 475 PSIG (3,300 kPa) into the annulus during the injection cycle
  • Allows for on-the-fly adjustments to operating pressures
  • Increases liquid-handling capacity with optional gravity-feed vessel

GasJack Compressor + Gas-Assisted Plunger Lift (GAPL)

The GasJack compressor is ideal for gas-assisted plunger lift applications. A GasJack–GAPL package configuration automatically reduces tubing pressure to optimize plunger arrival and after-flow and decreases flowing bottomhole pressure to optimize gas lift. It can also be set up to run in recycle mode during plunger shut-in, and even transform a plunger application from conventional to continuous for high-volume wells. Combining the GasJack-GAPL package configuration with our proprietary BAIS further enhances operational efficiency and production.

GasJack + GAPL Features & Benefits

  • Combines the benefits of gas-lift and plunger-lift in a single system
  • Greatly enhances plunger-lift applications
  • Reduces gas injection in gas-lifted wells
  • Increases production from wells experiencing a decline in plunger-lift effectiveness
  • Keeps tubing clear of scale and paraffin buildup