Production Enhancement

production enhancement

Maximize your return on assets by optimizing production from your mature oil and gas wells with the industry-leading production enhancement compressor package.

The GasJack® compressor package is a compact yet versatile production enhancement wellhead compressor package, designed to enhance your production and increase profits from oil and natural gas wells, especially marginal wells and those producing from highly permeable formations.

Handling up to 650 mcf/d (18,000 m3/d) of gas per day, the GasJack compressor comes either skid- or trailer-mounted and features flexible-hose connections, simplifying installation with minimal site prep allowing  production gains soon after startup. Powered by four cylinders of the integral V8 design, the GasJack compressor is rugged, low-maintenance, and long-lasting—a cost-efficient solution to increase recoverable reserves and extend the life of your wells.

CSI Compressco offers two GasJack models in addition to the electric motor driven VJack.  Options include the low-pressure FI unit, and the medium-pressure MP unit, both widely used across North America, Canada and Latin America. The GasJack is also configurable with features for use in either temperate or artic cold climates.

GasJack Compressor Benefits

  • Extends the life of mature and low-pressure wells
  • Increases flowrate while decreasing wellhead pressure
  • Reduces liquid loading to maintain productive flowrate
  • Separates fluid efficiently, even in vacuum, without additional wellhead equipment
  • Reduces annular and bottomhole pressures to improve flow from reservoir into the well
  • Single unit can optimize liquid and gas handling of multiple wells at the same time

GasJack Compressor Standard Features

  • 80 BPD blowcase (12.5 m3/d) with 2-in. dump line
  • Oversized after-cooler—3-row, air-cooled, and ASME-coded—with a direct-drive nonmetal fan and steel header with access plugs for easy cleaning
  • Integral engine-compressor based on industrial V8 design (4 cylinders for power, 4 cylinders for compression in shared block and common crankshaft) with IMPCO natural-gas carburetor, balanced cast-steel crankshaft, and hypereutectic aluminum-alloy pistons, each fitted with four specialized rings to inhibit fluid and gas blow-by into the crankcase
  • Integral concentric compressor valves with both suction and discharge plates in each valve, cooling the inner diameter with suction gas and the outer diameter with the engine’s water jacket.
  • Automatic oil-level controller with 15-gal.(60 liter) day tank
  • ASME-coded pressure vessels with pressure-relief valves
  • Weatherproof control panel
  • Connections for test gauges
  • Manual bypass valving to ease startup and compression blowdown
  • Skid- or trailer-mounted with environmental rail and drain connections