(Formerly known as Helix)

Digitally Enhanced Compression

Helix digitally enhanced compression

CSIConnect SM digitally enhanced compression is CSI Compressco’s unique telemetry system that provides real-time communication from a fleet of natural-gas compressor packages–inclusive of compressor frame and engine–enabling remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, control, analysis, and real-time reporting of each and every connected unit’s operations.

CSIConnect SM digitally enhanced compression enhances our customer’s user experience while maximizing compression reliability and production. The system consists of the follow solutions:

Connected Fleet

Our compression services fleet is fitted with a leading tri-mode communications Internet of Things (IoT) gateway. The tri-mode communications offers reliable connectivity from the field to the office. This enables compression-operations data to be communicated at a high rate of fidelity, once per minute. For compressor packages driven by Caterpillar, we are seamlessly integrated with their Product Link Elite (PLE). The PLE conveys engine performance metrics, events, fault codes, and diagnostics through the IoT gateway enabling remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of engine issues is support of enhanced reliability, uptime, and production. Helix digitally enhanced compression promotes the sharing of all data points captured from our fleet of compressor packages with our customers, including engine events and diagnostics.

Customer Portal

We improved our user experience with Cat® Remote Fleet Vision so customers can monitor their fleet, view operational status and runtime metrics, and drill down to identify trends in unit performance from anywhere and any device they can secure an internet connection. The portal also provides visibility into Cat® engine events and diagnostics.

Data Sharing

In support of customer Big Data strategies, customers can obtain all their compression operations data through our Microsoft Azure Event Hub to integrate seamlessly and directly into their own digital systems. This eliminates push/pull reports and nightly FTP file transfers.

24/7 Monitoring Center

With over 240 years of compression services experience in our Monitoring Center, our team of analysts are always ready to support our technicians, supervisors, and customers in achieving compression reliability and production targets. Our analysts monitor our compression services fleet 24/7, proactively responding to alerts, analyzing data to identify trends, and providing technical support to field personnel. We also monitor customer-owned compressors where they elect to manage their compression using Helix digitally enhanced compression.

Cloud Platform

CSIConnect SM digitally enhanced compression’s connectivity strategy leverages the Microsoft Azure Cloud with a robust and secure communication protocol to protect the interests of our customers and us. Having our fleet connected through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform enables lean data processing, advanced analytics, and business integration. The robust platform allows the use of Big Data for machine learning and predictive maintenance.